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The Open Sensor Network Authentication (OSNA) group is a cybersecurity research group, based in the Discipline of IT at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). The group’s prime focus is in researching and developing security solutions and services tailored to the network protocols and architectures used in M2M communications across numerous domains.
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It’s just NTP, so what is the big deal??

NTP is the grand old lady of time synchronisation protocols. Designed by David L. Mills in 1985, it has been a reliable vehicle to provide clients in a network with accurate time down to a few milliseconds. In a nutshell NTP uses a tree-like hierarchical system of time sources, with one or more reference time sources (i.e. an atomic clock) on … [Read More...]

“goto fail”: Apple’s SSL Bug and an unanswered Question

In February 2014 a bug in Apple’s SSL implementation was patched. It affected Apple mobile products that run iOS 6 and iOS 7 as well as desktop products that run OS X 10.9 (Maverick). iOS 6 was launched in September 2012, so this problem was out in the wild for quite a while. The flaw compromised SSL-based HTTPS connections that use … [Read More...]