OSNA is currently funded through an Enterprise Ireland commercialisation fund. This fund supports researchers through the research, development and market validation phases of product development. Supporting innovation in this way, allows the group to develop new technologies which can be licensed to industry or spun-out into new companies.

This funding structure has driven a strong commercialisation focus within the group, i.e. a drive to develop products and services addressing the needs of industry both today and into the future.

OSNA is focused on researching and developing cyber security solutions in a number of key market sectors, for more information see here. For a list of ongoing projects including potential products in development, see our Research page.

Collaboration may take many forms; collaborators may propose standalone projects, adaption of current projects or provide alpha and/or beta testing facilities for ongoing research projects. Interested in collaborating with us? Why not Contact Us.

Through our research we are collaborating with a number of organisations and companies, some of which are listed below.

  1. PrimeKey, Sweden. OSNA has a Business and Technology Partnership with PrimeKey, an innovative and proven PKI provider, based in Stockholm, Sweden.PrimeKey  have a very strong track record in PKI with deployments across the EU in a range of sectors including, Government services, Banking, and Asset Management. OSNA will build on the core competence and proven capabilities of PrimeKey’s PKI solutions to meet the specific needs  of M2M communication in the domains of Critical Infrastructure, Medical Devices, and Control Systems/SCADA.
  2. SmartBay Ireland – As detailed under Applications, Ireland has much to gain from harnessing of its marine potential. OSNA are collaborating with SmartBay to ensure that gold-plated security mechanisms will be integrated into the SmartBay ICT infrastructure. In particular, OSNA will provide security products to address a range of security issues as follows:
    – A device security framework and management solution optimally designed for SmartBay.
    – A modular certification authority (CA) and certificate revocation service.
    – An intrusion detection system (IDS).
  3. SmartGrid Innovation Hub (SGIH). ‘SGIH is a collaborative initiative by EirGrid and the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) to promote the development of innovative Smart Grid solutions’. Eirgrid is the Irish state owned commercial company that operates and maintains the electricity transmission system. OSNA is working within the SGIH to highlight the cyber security challenges that threaten SmartGrid deployment and promote feasible solutions.